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Let's Play Online Mobile Games And Earn Money

Games Tournament E-sports platform through which you can participate in PUBG MOBILE, PUBG LITE, FREE FIRE, Ludo Tournaments and Earn Cash Prizes for Every kill. It is a Great Platform to earn Money while playing your favourite games. Users can join tournaments by paying a very nominal fees like Rs 10 via various payment methods. We are the best E-sports App.

Available Games & Contests

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PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile Lite
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Free Fire
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Call Of Duty
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Ludo King

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 "All Matches Start With At Just ₹10 . Also We Are Provide Free Matches Four Our Daily Players. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Room ID and Password (for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, etc. ) are shared through inside the app. Just open the app and scroll down to the match you participated, click on it and there you will get the Room ID and Password before 15 minutes of match start time. Make sure you join the Room within 15 minutes before match start time.
Yes, you can register more than 1 entry from same Games Tournament account. To do so, first register one entry in a match and then you will get option to add more entries to the same match. Use this option (+ Join) to add more entries. This way you can register multiple entries one by one in to same match.
Well, there are several reasons why you get kicked from the room even after you register for the match. Some of which are: You registered incorrect PUBG Username and hence our filtering team did not recognize you. You joined with new PUBG Account or with the doubtful account which is against our Fair Play Policy. Joined with PUBG Account with Level less than 25. Invited Unregistered Friends to the Room. Kept changing position in the room. Using Emulator to Play in Non-Emulator Matches. We would suggest you to go through the Match Rules and the Fair Play Policy before you participate in the next match or the tournaments. If you feel you were kicked by mistake then please share us your Games Tournament Username, PUBG Username, Match / Tournament Number and the Screenshot of your PUBG Profile. We will check it further and initiate refund if the case falls under our Refund Policy. Thank you!
If your account is suspended then that means you were found violating the fair play policy or the gameplay rules. In such cases, the account won't be recovered and all the balance in it is lost. Kindly make sure you strictly follow the fair play policies and gameplay rules. Thank you!



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